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Awards / Specially Selected Raw Jumbo King Prawns

Best New Fish-Based Product

Gold won by Fishmonger’s Favourite Two Salmon and King Prawn Stacks from Northcoast Seafoods Ltd.

Silver won by Specially Selected Raw Jumbo King Prawns from Aldi Stores Ltd.

Bronze won by Rope Grown Scottish Mussels, Shallots & Garlic in White Wine Sauce by Iceland Foods Ltd.

Taking Silver in this highly competitive sector was Aldi Stores Ltd. with their Specially Selected Raw Jumbo King Prawns. Sustainably farmed in Indonesia these raw, thick and juicy prawns have a tender texture and a succulent, delicately sweet flavour, perfect for adding to a tasty stir-fry or spicy curry and the retail panellists agreed. A 180g product retailing at £2.49 with simple defrosting overnight in a refrigerator or placed in colander and rinsed under cold water for 5-7 minutes.

John Hyman, BFFF (l), Paul Cunningham and Rachael McGovern of Aldi and Ian King, Yearsley (r)

Photos by Sam Markwell Photography.  https://sammarkwell.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1502214/3534726


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    Best New Fish-Based Product

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    Specially Selected Raw Jumbo King Prawns

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    Aldi Stores Ltd.

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