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Awards / Ultimate Chip

Best New Accompaniment/Potato/Vegetable Product


Gold won by Everyday Favourites Cooked Quinoa and Veg Mix by Bidfood

Silver won by Ultimate Chip by Farm Frites UK

Bronze won by Everyday Favourites Jalapeno Spiced Mixed Tempura Vegetables by Bidfood

Winning the Silver Award this year is Ultimate Chip by Farm Frites. This product deep fries in small quantities for 3.5-4.5 minutes from frozen. The pre-fried deep frozen fries are 18mm and have a shelf life of 730 days. Ingredients include Potato (96%) and Mass Balance Palm Oil (4%). A very useful accompaniment and a premium chip, one of the judges stated, “Looked crispy & tasted crispy – rustic in look – had a quality look about them. Quite a filling chip.”

John Hyman, BFFF (l), Nadia Adrien of Farm Frites and Ian King, Yearsley (r)

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    Ultimate Chip

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    Farm Frites UK

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