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Baking A Difference

Speciality Breads of Margate has developed two new focaccias, specifically developed for the gourmand on the go!

Simon Cannell, Managing Director at Speciality Breads, proudly explains, “Although we bake an extensive range of loaves, rolls and petit bakes we, surprisingly, spotted a considerable gap in the market.  Consumers frequently bemoan the use of ‘Chorleywood’ bread in ready-made sandwiches and are distinctly seeking ‘food to go’ options of superior quality.  When it comes to breads of quality and innovation, we are the bakers of choice.”

Simon continued, “The ready-made sandwich market has exacting requirements so we set about developing a bread with a fabulous golden crust and a light crumb that would hold up to a range of fillings and accompaniments including avocado, chutney, salsa, houmous and/or mayonnaise.  The Deli Focaccias are beautifully crafted, hand docked to control the rise, dipped in extra virgin olive oil and then baked to perfection.  A great sandwich is all about the correct ratio of bread to content and 105g (15cm approximately in length) is the perfect size.  We sought to create a bread that would truly showcase ingredients, perform well and be absolutely savoured by the consumer.  We have launched our Deli Focaccias in two varieties – Original and Rosemary and Sea Salt but other flavours are in the pipeline.”

Deli Focaccias are made with 100% Red Tractor British flour and extra virgin olive oil.  Samples are available, on request, from steve@specialitybreads.co.uk or 01843 209442.