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News & Events / BFFF/Blue Castle Energy Purchasing Scheme

Blue Castle Energy have extended their relationship with the BFFF after an extremely successful Energy Purchasing Scheme. Many members are now working with Blue Castle Energy who are assisting members with a wide range of energy based services from procuring low cost utility contracts, reducing members energy consumption, independent renewable advice, funding energy saving projects, energy site audits and ISO accreditations. Blue Castle Energy have also sourced private grant funding for LED Lighting, Solar PV and Biomass Energy Centres subject to site audit.

David Brighton, Director has been working with BFFF members throughout the scheme, “We have been very happy with the uptake in our services over the last two years and hope we can continue this trend into 2013. We have seen a 100% retention rate in BFFF members during 2012 which is a huge testament to our whole team in their excellent customer service skills and professional advice that they have been providing to the membership”

Blue Castle Energy have also launched a BFFF/Blue Castle Group on Linkedin which updates members on; market news, relevant case studies, shared good practice and advice on how to reduce energy costs. It will also give members a closed environment to discuss all topics related to reducing costs and consumption. Furthermore the Group page will allow the whole of Blue Castle Groups services to be discussed which also includes Waste and Recycling consultancy.

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