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DIET QUALITY & HEALTH: the next highly acclaimed module from the Food ATP at the University of Reading

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The Diet Quality & Health module:

focuses on scientific evidence for the role of diet in chronic disease and how this evidence forms the basis for current dietary guidelines and healthy eating recommendations.

Come and hear from world-renowned experts

Professor David Haslam, Chair of the National Obersity Forum
Joanne Lunn, Nutritionist, Waitrose
Dr George Grimble, Insitute for Liver and Digestive Health, UCL

On-line study in January then come to Reading in April 2016

Web-base learning starts end of January 2016 followed by 3 day campus workshop at the award winning University of Reading Whiteknights campus from 10th – 12th April 2016.

Module fees start from £650*

*the Food ATP are able to offer substantial bursaries, subject to eligibility conditions. Full cost module fee £1650

for more details, to request an applicaiton pack or to talk to us
contact Fiona or Marie
phone 0118 378 8722
email info@foodatp.co.uk
visit www.foodatp.co.uk