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News & Events / Farm Frites cultivates one of the largest insect hotels in the Netherlands

Farm Frites cultivates one of the largest insect hotels in the Netherlands


Farm Frites’ Holland headquarters has recently welcomed some new residents to its head office site. Bees, bugs, birds and amphibians are all being encouraged as part of the company’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing.


A natural noise barrier has been built at the potato production plant to absorb any excess noise created by the factory, in partnership with local businesses and the residential community. This has given the manufacturer an opportunity to create a structure and support biodiversity.


The 500-meter-long, 7-meter-high and 12-meter-wide construction is made from the soil residues from the potato fields and is sown with herb-rich grassland, flowers and trees in order to attract a diverse range of wildlife including bees, insects, birds and amphibians.


Nic Townsend, trade marketer at Farm Frites said, “It is widely known that the decline of bees and other pollinating insects is disastrous for nature as well as agriculture. Our new insect hotel is just one of the many ways that we are proactively protecting the environment and is a contribution to our aim of becoming an industry trailblazer by 2025.”


Alongside its significant reduction of CO2 in the past year (over 20,000 tonnes) through various energy saving projects, and the vast amount of water saved (172 thousand cubic meters), the new insect hotel further demonstrates Farm Frites’ commitment to reduce its impact on the environment.


To read the full sustainability report from 2018 please click here.