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COVID-19 Queries

Below you will find answers to a number of COVID-19 related questions recently posed to the BFFF.

The BFFF team are actively seeking information from both government and non-government sources to assist members with their queries and concerns so please bear with us whilst we attempt to get responses for you. Once available, questions and their responses will be uploaded into this area for all to view. Please ensure you check back regularly for any updates.


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What constitutes an outbreak?

What constitutes an outbreak?

According to PHE (see section 4.1 here)  an outbreak may be defined as:

  • an incident in which two or more people experiencing a similar illness are linked in time or place

PHE have recently advised that any business suspecting an outbreak on their premises should contact their local health protection team.

Businesses can establish who their local protection team is and access their contact details by using the post code search facility here: https://www.gov.uk/health-protection-team

Note: this service can only be used to find health protection teams in England.