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As increasing numbers of health-conscious consumers seek ‘better for you’ food products, ‘free from’ continues to be the leading food trend with a massive 87% of consumers* now making it a lifestyle choice rather than a medical necessity.

‘Free from’ is no longer seen as a niche or fad food trend and that, says Rebecca Manfredi, managing director of wholesale ice cream manufacturer Suncream Dairies, means there are some great opportunities out there for foodservice operators and retailers alike.  The greater understanding and appreciation of the health benefits of a free from diet are driving the category like never before.

“The shift towards healthier and free from eating has led to an explosion in popularity with many people actively seeking out great-tasting healthier and ‘good for you’ options in preference to more traditional products,” adds Rebecca.

“Free from food is fast becoming much more accessible to consumers who want tasty, enjoyable and healthy alternatives whether at home or when eating out.  With free from predicted to be one of the biggest and fastest growing food trends this year, by offering a range of dietary options caterers and retailers can easily tap into this huge scoop of opportunity!  Healthier options really can deliver healthy sales!”

In response to growing demand for free from desserts, Suncream’s new Love Vegan natural vanilla vegan ice cream is the perfect alternative to traditional dairy ice cream.  Made with coconut oil, dextrose and real vanilla beans, and flecked with vanilla pod seeds for a rich, indulgent flavour, it’s free from all 14 declarable allergens including gluten, soya, nut, lactose and egg.

“We wanted to create a non-dairy ice cream that everyone can enjoy and despite being milk-free, it’s packed full of flavour and delivers a lovely creamy mouth feel,” comments Rebecca.

Love Vegan Vanilla is the latest addition to the Suncream ice cream collection which includes the Gelato Gold range of luxury Italian-style ice creams in 17 classic and contemporary flavours – most of which are egg and gluten-free – as well as the dairy-free premium Sorbets, made with all-natural fruit juices.

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