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Jonathan Lee Recruitment joins British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF)

Jonathan Lee Recruitment (http://bfff.co.uk/member/jonathan-lee-recruitment-ltd/) is pleased to become an associate member of the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF). The BFFF is a trade association that promotes and protects the interests of the frozen food industry in the UK, advising members about health and safety, technical and legislative matters whilst influencing Government and outside agencies to address key industry issues.

Scott Williams, senior consultant for FMCG and consumable goods (http://www.jonlee.co.uk/fmcg-recruitment-jobs-and-careers) at Jonathan Lee Recruitment explains “We are delighted to have become an associate member of the BFFF, further confirming our commitment to the frozen food industry and supporting the partnerships we already have with many food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

“Our membership will enable us to keep informed of current market and technical matters, whilst our 40 year heritage of supplying manufacturing businesses with high calibre engineering and technical, operations and manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, accountancy professionals will provide the BFFF and members with a full understanding of the existing skills issues. While attracting the right specialist talent is a challenge in this industry, our team of consultants, many of whom have trained and worked in the food and drink sector, have the technical understanding and capability to deliver the skills needed to drive its continued success.”

Contact Scott Williams for more information:
01384 446138
jonlee.co.uk/fmcg (http://www.jonlee.co.uk/fmcg-recruitment-jobs-and-careers)