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News & Events / McCain Foodservice looks at potatoes around the world

McCain Foodservice looks at potatoes around the world

McCain - Interactive MapAs part of a new campaign to help give some international inspiration to caterers, McCain Foodservice has launched an interactive map looking at the different ways potatoes are served around the world.

Aiming to show how the wide range of ways the potato can be used, the map features menu ideas adapted from traditional cuisines worldwide. Ranging from Mexico to China in their inspiration, the recipes are aimed at chefs and caterers working in a wide range of sectors, from healthcare catering to casual dining, and can be printed out for easy use time and time again.

Speaking about the launch of the map, a spokesperson for McCain Foodservice stated that “The potato has always been considered a diet staple due to its nutritional benefits and versatility. In today’s society where consumers have a growing appetite for new tastes, food trends and experiences we’re looking around the world for inspiration on how the humble potato can be used in new and exciting ways.”

Take a look at the interactive map over at the McCain Foodservice website.