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Master Good Co. Ltd is Hungary’s biggest integrated poultry production system. The company is 100% owned by the Bárány family.

The family is breeding chicken since 4 generations; therefore the oldest chicken breeding dynasty in Central Europe.

The integration produce chickens. Our company supplies the major supermarket chains (Tesco, Spar, Aldi, Auchan) in Hungary and West Europe as well. We have strong position on Hungarian, Eastern European, Austrian, German and UK market.

We are selling our products also to Asia and South Africa and Canada.

Master Good is a proud supplier of the McDonald’s supply chain.


Production volumes of the company:

  • Growing grain on 5,500 ha
  • Producing 130,000 tons of feed / year
  • 410,000 parent stock/year
  • 53 million day old chicks/year
  • 45 million chicken slaughtering/year
  • 6,000 tons of convenient food product/year


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