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Principal Logistics Technologies are specialist providers of warehousing and supply chain solutions to third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers like Cold Move, Grocontinental Ltd., Norish Ltd. Rick Bestwick’s Ltd and Food Manufacturers like Dale Farm Ltd, Morrisons PLC, and Total Produce PLC.

Our solution utilises mobile computing technology (barcode scanning, wireless label printing, voice and/or RFID) to provide real-time data capture of product. In doing so we enable digitalised workflow control ensuring optimised efficiency, complete audited adherence to product handling and storage rules and full forward and backwards traceability. Our Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards summarise and visually represent data to ensure complete real-time management and control which, when interpreted and acted upon, enables highly optimised operations.

Our expert team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in deploying solutions for 24×7 high volume operations in the UK, Ireland, EMEA and China. And, with an industry leading client retention rate of 97.6% since our inception in 1993, our support experts have an enviable track record.

Our expertise includes:

  • Ambient, Chill and Frozen
  • Single-site and Multi-site Operations
  • Standalone Warehouse Management Systems and End-to-end Supply Chain Operations
  • 3PL, Manufacturing, Importers and Distributors
  • Storage, Consolidation and Cross Docking
  • Raw Material, Production and Finished Goods

For further information please call us on: +44 (0)121 368 0057 or email: info@principalsystems.com, and, follow us on Linkedin: principal-systems-ltd and Twitter: @Principal_L_T

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