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Members / Primary Authority

BFFF is delighted to be able to offer Primary Authority Schemes exclusively for members.

Introducing Primary Authority

BFFF can now offer agreed industry advice for members under the Primary Authority Scheme.

The advice is ‘assured’ which means it is legally backed. If the advice is followed, another Local Authority cannot ask you to do anything different.

BFFF has partnered with the Environmental Health teams in Wakefield and South Cambridgeshire and the Trading Standards team in Cambridgeshire to deliver this service. These Local Authorities specialise in Primary Authority and have expertise in the frozen food industry.

The scheme is free for members to join and will help support members to stay on the right side of regulation.

BFFF have also launched a Fire Safety Primary Authority Scheme in partnership with Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue. This innovative scheme allows members to join to receive industry level advice on all aspects of Fire Safety, but also have a dedicated fire safety contact to provide bespoke advice to businesses. The fire scheme has flexible membership options.

The options are available here – for more information please contact crystalholmes@bfff.co.uk


To take part Members can choose to sign up to any combination of the regulatory categories below:

  • Health and Safety
  • Food Safety
  • Food Standards (Labelling & Composition)
  • Weights and Measures
  • Fair Trading
  • Fire Safety


Cambridgeshire Council

Wakefield Council


          Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue badge

Key benefits for signed up members include:

  • Advice and guidance has Regulatory backing, if you follow it, you cannot be asked to do something different.
  • Access to the advice of dedicated Environmental Health and Trading Standards Professionals who are experts in the Frozen Food Sector and know how enforcement works!
  • It is free to join the scheme and the key benefits of assured advice and guidance with legal backing are also free. Support through any enforcement action or business specific queries do attract a modest ‘at cost’ charge.

‘Assured Advice’

BFFF have been busy working with Primary Authority partners and have got assured advice in certain areas, which is only available to members. It can be viewed by all members, but only those that have signed up to the Primary Authority Scheme can use its legal backing.

All the guidance can be found in the Technical Guidance and H&S Guidance sections on the website. This list below is advice that has so far been ‘assured’ and more is coming soon!

–          Selecting Staff for First Aid Training

–          Provision of Defibrillators in the Workplace

–          How to Assess Head Protection for Cold Store Workers

–          Overtime Risk Assessments

–          Rest Breaks for Cold Store Workers

–          Health Surveillance for Cold Store Workers

–          Working in a Coldstore – Advice for Employees

–          Guidance on Raynaud’s Phenomenon

–          Work At Height Equipment Guidance For Cold Stores

–          Fire Safety Induction Training

–          Hot Work Permits and Instructions

–          Choosing a Fire Assembly Point

–          Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 2015 (COMAH 2015)

–          FIC Date of Freezing – Distance Sales

–          FIC Star Marking on Prepacked Foods

–          FIC Date of Freezing and Lot Coding for Meat etc.

–          FIC Outer Case Labelling for Non-prepacked Foods for Direct Sale

–          FIC Does the Name of the Food have to be on the Front of the Pack?

–         FIC Use of Designation ‘formed’ to Accompany the Name of Food

–         FIC Responsibility of Information When Producing Under License

–         FIC Outer Case Labelling for Prepacked Foods

–         FIC Defining Prepacked, Non-Prepacked and Prepacked for Direct Sale

–         FIC What Labelling is Required for Food Supplied by Wholesalers to Mass Caterers?

–         Approval of Standalone Cold Stores

–         Glazed Seafood Weight Indication Guidance


To express your interest, please find the forms below:

Expression of Interest form for Wakefield, Cambridge & South Cambridgeshire

Expression of Interest form for Fire Safety


Journalist Michael Collie explains how Primary Authority works and is already having an impact a businesses across the country:


If you have any queries or would like more information please contact:

Crystal Holmes

Health & Safety Assistant
01400 664309



Primary Authority Statutory Guidance

In order to provide information to businesses, trade associations and local enforcement officers on how the Primary Authority operates, the Better Regulation Delivery Office has produced Statutory Guidance to assist them. You can find the Primary Authority Statutory Guidance and other useful resources here.