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Members / Reasons to Join

Reasons to Join the BFFF

Promoting and Protecting the Industry


Industry Support

Primary Authority Schemes
The national Primary Authority Scheme has been amended and relaunched. Up until now it has been difficult for all but the biggest businesses to have both coordinated and direct partners but recently this has changed.

COVID-19 Support
Through our close involvement with the likes of HSE, DHSC, PHE, Defra and the FSA, as well as non-government bodies such as WRAP we have been providing industry with regular updates and advice via answering numerous queries and a publishing written guidance sourced from both government guidance and membership best practice.

Brexit Support
For the most part, Brexit dominated the Technical agenda during 2019. This is reflected in the fact that around 40% of the technical papers and members queries answered were in relation to Brexit.

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BFFF Health and Safety Team

Launching Assured Guidance for Members Needs
The BFFF aims to address areas not covered by regulations or approved codes of practice therefore making it unique. The BFFF recently launched the RIDDOR Determination guidance securing assurance from primary authority.

Specialist Seminars & Conference
The BFFF host the annual H&S annual conference as well as specialist seminars addressing industry related topics such as Amonia, Work at Height on Refrigeration. With all specialist events we use industry experts to explain how companies can manage these disciplines.

Keep it Safe Industry Newsletter
Keep it Safe is our quarterly newsletter for health & safety and keeps our members informed of legislation updates, prosecutions and the latest guidance. Our membership contributes by supplying real life case studies.

Collation of membership accident data & benchmarking groups
Each year we ask our membership to provide their accident statistics. This information is unique for BFFF members and provides over 10 years of comparable statistics and giving an insight into 3 sectors within our industry.

Health & safety pledge
Members can commit to the BFFF pledge values, which are aligned to the HSE common strategy.

Health & Safety Expert Group
The group contribute to industry guidance and get actively involved in answering membership queries on a day to day basis.

Engagement and lobbying with regulators
BFFF has a dedicated contact within HSE and legal partnerships with local authority regulators…

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BFFF Technical Team

Ensuring members voices are heard
Over the years the BFFF Technical team have built up strong relationships with most of the government and non-government organisations. This has secured our involvement in many working groups and steering committees.

With the changing political landscape and the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, that number has expanded even further. Three new groups we are now members of are:

Provide industry support and guidance
The BFFF continues to keep a close watch over any current or proposed legislation, we also attended a Food Allergen Crisis.

T&L industry updates
The BFFF Technical team monitors events affecting our industry and keeps a close watch over any current or proposed legislation. Through our bi-monthly T&L e-magazine, our member interest groups and our Technical Expert Group we ensure the latest information is scrutinized and circulated around the membership.

Participated in key government consultations
We have gathered members opinions and have participated directly in the consultations on behalf of the membership.

Collaborate with other organisations to tackle food waste
Over the years we have built up a strong relationship with the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and continue to explore ways in which we can highlight frozen food as being a solution to food waste.

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BFFF Initiatives

Special Interest Group Packaging Reduction
With a continued need to reduce packaging, especially plastic, the group will focus on strategies to reduce packaging usage, helping the Federation create a clear strategy for members and to share best practice. This is a requirement from both an environmental perspective and a commercial one.

With Government overhauling the Producer Waste Responsibility system combined with the Plastic tax of £200 per tonne from 2022, packing use will impact every company’s bottom line.

Special Interest Group Sustainability
The narrative around sustainability is an ever evolving one. What companies now need to consider today is quite different from 5 years ago. It is also clear that in the next 5 years and beyond that areas of focus will change and adapt.

Collaboration is essential in this topic to share best practices and to ensure that the industry has a ‘joined up’ approach around things like high energy use. We can also then ensure that our message around helping to reduce food waste is consistent, evidenced, factual and clear.

Young Leaders Forum
Along with many industries, attracting and nurturing young talent is essential for not only the longer-term sustainability of the frozen food industry but it also ensures we have young leaders that can help shape the industry of the future.

As the way the industry changes from communication, to engagement with stake holders, on-line shopping etc. it is essential we have a talent pool to help us maximise the opportunities these present.

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