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Reasons to Join / Initiatives

Young Leaders Forum

Along with many industries, attracting and nurturing young talent is essential for not only the longer-term sustainability of the frozen food industry but it also ensures we have young leaders that can help shape the industry of the future.

As the way the industry changes from communication, to engagement with stake holders, on-line shopping etc. it is essential we have a talent pool to help us maximise the opportunities these present.

We, therefore, need to help develop the younger people in member companies to help them become the leaders of tomorrow. This can be through visits to members, either manufacturing – large and small, insight into the frozen transport process or presentation by industry experts etc.

The group will be open to anyone circa the age of 30 that works in a member organisation. We would welcome participants across all sectors of membership.

Special Interest Group – Sustainability

The narrative around sustainability is an ever evolving one. What companies now need to consider today is quite different from 5 years ago. It is also clear that in the next 5 years and beyond that areas of focus will change and adapt.

Collaboration is essential in this topic to share best practices and to ensure that the industry has a ‘joined up’ approach around things like high energy use. We can also then ensure that our message around helping to reduce food waste is consistent, evidenced, factual and clear.

The industry has a great position to help consumers and professional chefs reduce their food waste, we need to have a consistent approach on this message. This group will help to create the Federations strategy and policy in this area.

Special Interest Group – Packaging Reduction

With a continued need to reduce packaging, especially plastic, the group will focus on strategies to reduce packaging usage, helping the Federation create a clear strategy for members and to share best practice. This is a requirement from both an environmental perspective and a commercial one. With Government overhauling the Producer Waste Responsibility system combined with the Plastic tax of £200 per tonne from 2022, packing use will impact every company’s bottom line.