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Reasons to Join / Technical Team

Ensuring members voices are heard

Over the years the BFFF Technical team have built up strong relationships with most of the government and non-government organisations. This has secured our involvement in many working groups and steering committees. With the changing political landscape and the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, that number has expanded even further. Three new groups we are now members of are:

Our active involvement in these groups ensures our members voices and opinions are clearly heard with both government and non-government organisations alike.

Provide industry updates, support and guidance

The BFFF Technical team monitors events affecting our industry and keeps a close watch over any current or proposed legislation. Through our bi-monthly T&L e-magazine, our member interest groups and our Technical Expert Group we ensure the latest information is scrutinized and circulated around the membership.  For example, following the tragic death Natasha Ednan-Laperouse we have kept the membership up to date with changes in allergen legislation regarding products which are classed as ‘pre-packed for direct sale’ and the impact it may have on business.

Of great value to the membership was our participation in a Food Allergen Crisis Legal Workshop. Here we went through a food allergen crisis step by step with legal experts who highlighted what decisions a business would need to make, the legal implications and which regulations would apply. Exercises such as this are invaluable as they allow us to provide the extremely practical advice our members cry out for.

The Technical landscape is continually changing and through our collaboration with the Technical Expert Group we work hard to offer appropriate guidance as and when required – such as the ‘BFFF Guide to the Management of the Risk of Listeriosis in Frozen Vegetables’.

Where we feel necessary, we also work closely with our Primary Authority Partners to answer any member queries and write Primary Authority Assured advice in key areas for the benefit of the whole membership.

Collaborate with other organisations to tackle food waste

Over the years we have built up a strong relationship with the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and continue to explore ways in which we can highlight frozen food as being a solution to food waste.  To further support our work in this area, in 2019 we visited and set up regular meetings with FareShare – the UK’s leading food redistribution charity. Throughout the last year we’ve supported them in the good work that they do to redistribute surplus food to frontline charities and community groups. This included them being a charitable beneficiary at our annual luncheon event.


Participate in key government consultations

The BFFF Technical team along with the Technical Expert group work hard to keep abreast of major government consultations taking place. We gather members opinions and if we feel necessary participate directly in such consultations on behalf of the membership. For instance, this has recently included: