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Mushrooms in center plate

At Scelta Mushrooms everything revolves around mushrooms.
This company keeps on innovating with mushrooms and vegetable appetizers.

Mushrooms  – the little white miracles,  are packed full of vitamins and minerals.   To avoid losing these precious nutrients , the mushrooms are quick frozen. Scelta Mushrooms can be found on pizza’s, in soups and in many ready meal dishes and recipes all around the world, as Scelta supplies 80 countries from the Netherlands.    Scelta’s focus continues to Innovate and develop new foods for future generation.

One of the global trends; flexitarism,  is where Scelta is innovating very successfully.  Their new Portobello mushroom burger is a vegetarian patty, bringing together the meaty consistence of mushrooms with the great taste of Umami.

Scelta’s  in-house development chef, Ruud Ververgaard and his team keep themselves busy with developing new tailormade customer solutions, especially snacking and party foods made from onions, cheeses and fresh vegetables.  For valuable insights on the latest consumer food trends check out Scelta’s website with a wealth of valuable resources.  www.sceltamushrooms.com