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News & Events / COVID-19 – Plans to ease guidance for over 2 million who are shielding

Updated 23/06/2020 – The government has announced plans to ease guidance for the Millions of people classified as clinically extremely vulnerable and currently shielding from coronavirus (COVID-19) in England. As from 6th July they will be advised they can spend more time outside their homes and from 1st August the guidance will be further relaxed and they will no longer be advised to shield. The key points are as follows:






While this group of clinically extremely vulnerable people should continue to follow strict social distancing measures as well as frequent handwashing, they will be able to participate in more activities such as visiting shops and places of worship.


It is recognised that individuals unable to work from home may feel uncertain about returning to work. Mindful of this, the government is asking employers to ease the transition for their clinically extremely vulnerable employees, ensuring that robust measures are put in place for those currently shielding to return to work when they are able to do so.

For anyone concerned about returning to work once the guidance has eased, we recommend they speak with their employer to understand their specific policies in relation to COVID-19. We advise they discuss their situation, agree a plan for returning to work and adjustments that may be needed before they return.

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