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News & Events / Government announces first local lockdown on Leicester

On Monday 29th June it was announced as of Tuesday 30th June, Leicester would be the first city to face a localised lockdown within the UK. Matt Hancock announced the city would face tighter restrictions over the next fortnight due to a spike in coronavirus cases. Further guidance specifically on social distancing and meeting people was released from Government on Saturday 4th July.

Lockdown restrictions include:

The map below highlighting the area affected was realised on Tuesday 30th June, alongside a postcode tool allowing people to check whether they lived inside the affected area. Postcode check, click here (https://public.tableau.com/views/Covid-19LocalLockdown-PostcodeChecker/Postcodes?:language=en-GB&:display_count=y&:origin=viz_share_link&:showVizHome=no#_)

The Government have agreed further measures to tackle the outbreak in Leicester.

  1. Further testing capability, including opening a walk-in centre. Anyone in Leicester with symptoms must come forward for a test.
  2. Extra funding to Leicester and Leicestershire councils to support them to enhance their communications and ensure those communications are translated into all locally relevant languages.
  3. Ensure support is available for those who have to self-isolate.
  4. Work with the workplaces that have seen clusters of cases to implement more stringently the COVID-secure workplaces.


For more information, look at the below links from Gov.co.uk:




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