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News & Events / Manufacturing sector guidance issued for Scotland

New guidance has been published for manufacturing sites in Scotland, including procedures to plan for, and maintain, a safe place for all.

This guidance came into effect from 26th May 2020 and is effective until further notice. It will be reviewed in line with the regular three weekly review of lockdown requirements.

The Scottish Government state they have worked with employers and trade unions from the manufacturing sector to ensure the guidance is evidence-based, fair and ethical, clear and realistic. They stress that as each workplace is different it is for individual businesses to work with trade union or workforce representatives to determine how best to apply this guidance in their circumstances.

The document sets out the Scottish Governments expectations across five key areas companies will need to consider as part of their planning for a restart and ongoing production while minimising the transmission of the virus::

In the case of the manufacture of essential goods where companies have remained open it establishes a framework for ongoing action to ensure those workplaces continue to change and operate safely. The guidance emphasises in particular the importance of undertaking a robust and ongoing risk-based assessment with full input from trade union or workforce representatives, and to keep all risk mitigation measures under regular review so that workplaces continue to feel, and be, safe.

Publication of this guidance does not signal an immediate change in Scotland’s lockdown policy. At the current time manufacturing businesses should be closed down on a precautionary basis unless involved in essential activity against the virus or to support the wellbeing of society and able to provide confidence in maintaining a safe workplace.