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News & Events / Using low dust flour may reduce or eliminate the need for respiratory personal protection (RPE)

At a time when we have personal protective equipment shortages it’s worth exploring the use of low dust flour, this can reduce or eliminate the need for respiratory protective equipment (RPE).  In our previous guidance we looked at how the HSE had recognised shortages in FFP3 dust masks due to the Covid-19 crisis and were allowing FFP2 masks to be used in conjunctions with several additional control measures.


The use of low dust flour is a great example of one such measures. The HSE state using low dust flours will reduce airborne dust breathed in by bakers during their routine tasks of applying flour to work benches to mould dough and using sieves and dredgers. With less flour being wasted they may reduce flour usage, which means less clean-up time and effort.

Used in conjunction with careful handling techniques, low-dust flours may remove the need for wearing respiratory protective equipment (RPE) or using extraction.

These benefits will significantly help employers to comply with the law and help bakers stay healthy. Please visit the HSE website for more information.