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Specialist Design Advice from RPS and Food and Drink Forum

rps-bfff-news-article-imageRPS has recently completed a feasibility study for Wrexham Council in partnership with the Mersey Dee Alliance on the provision of a regional  hub for food producers. This study looked at supply and demand for food grade premises in the area, and identified a shortcoming which would support the provision of a new industrial park designed for a range of food production regimes, including chilled and frozen foods.

RPS worked in partnership with Food and Drink Forum on the study, based on a long standing collaborative working relationship, having previously delivered feasibility studies and completed several food grade production facilities together.  Andrew Collinson from Food and Drink Forum said “Lessons learnt from the delivery of previous built projects is invaluable in being able to inform the feasibility studies for future projects”.

Simon Goulding, Associate Director at RPS said “The key to the success of this study is the specialist knowledge that the two partners provided, Food and Drink Forum with business engagement, and RPS with development master-planning and specialist food-safe design”.