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Stock up on Sriracha for the Summer

Sriracha chopsticks from Meadow Vale Foods are the perfect product for your summer ranges, and with barbecue and bank holiday season around the corner now is the time for the foodservice industry to get stocked up with this quick cook, easy to serve chicken.

These innovative boneless and skinless chicken fillets are coated in a mild, authentic, sweet and spicy marinade, which uses traditional ingredients including chilli, garlic, sugar and salt. They are then hand skewed between two wooden sticks for a modern and home cooked look.

They can be thawed and served or cooked from frozen, meaning these on-trend chopsticks are ideal for a hot or cold sharing platter, a zingy salad, to cook up on a barbecue or to serve warm on a bed of cous cous as a light starter.

They are individually quick frozen, allowing full portion control, and although they can thaw and serve, they can be cooked from frozen in a microwave within three minutes. This makes them ideal for smaller kitchens and those with limited freezer and holding space.

Meadow Vale foods Managing Director Nigel O’Donnell said: “The beauty of our Sriracha chopsticks lies in its versatility. It is as tasty and succulent served warm as it is served from thawed, and can be used in so many dishes.

“The chopsticks look as good served as a hand held street food snack as it does plated up on a bed of cous cous salad. As with all our products, customers can expect the same quality and taste from our sriracha chopsticks as they have come to expect from all our products”.

For more information about our sriracha chopsticks or to order a free sample, please call us on 0845 00 30 300. For information on all of Meadow Vale’s products and services please visit their website

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