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BRC7 symposium: top non-conformances It has been said that ‘Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before.’ Looking back at the top non–conformances of 2014 and 2015 against BRC Global Food Standard version 7, it has been found that a lot of them arise around site standards. If we […]


Microbiological methods: Campden BRI seminar Rapid testing techniques are becoming more widely used in food microbiology laboratories as part of the drive to produce faster and more accurate results. Conventional microbiology is also experiencing many changes with the onset of new media and confirmation kits. A Campden BRI seminar (see www.campdenbri.co.uk/rapid-conventional-micro-methods.php), to be held on […]

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Safe production of dried foods Although traditionally thought of as stable from a microbiological point of view, dried foods can still be contaminated, and survival of organisms is possible, even in tough conditions. As such, their safety needs to be controlled as carefully as any ‘wet’ food or drink product. This means applying the full […]