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PUTTING THE BRAKES ON POLLUTION -Brakes awarded ISO50001 standard- Brakes, the UK’s leading foodservice wholesaler, has been awarded the ISO50001 Energy Management Standard in recognition of its continuing commitment to reducing overall energy usage. The award is made to companies who have not only achieved certain standards, but also are committed to continuing to review […]

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Energy spotlight Against a background of volatile energy prices, changing energy policy and diminishing government incentives for renewables, what should you be focusing on now? Jon Swain, Head of Sales at FEC Energy highlights three key areas. Maximise your gains from energy efficiency Ensuring you fully understand your usage patterns goes beyond compliance – there’s […]

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Green gas can help Scotland meet energy goals – ADBA Anaerobic digestion produces renewable heat and power in the form of biogas Comments from trade body follow publication of Scotland’s first ever Energy Strategy Conference on anaerobic digestion in Scotland taking place on 28th February in Glasgow Green gas can make a key contribution to meeting the goals set out in Scotland’s […]

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Blue Castle Energy have extended their relationship with the BFFF after an extremely successful Energy Purchasing Scheme. Many members are now working with Blue Castle Energy who are assisting members with a wide range of energy based services from procuring low cost utility contracts, reducing members energy consumption, independent renewable advice, funding energy saving projects, […]

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