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ADBA and REA launch joint survey to treat surplus organic waste generated by Covid-19 lockdown The Environment Agency and devolved nations’ regulators have expressed concern over the issue of organic waste surpluses created by the Covid-19 lockdown. In response, the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) and the REA have launched a survey to identify […]

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GMS launch first annual food logistics and distribution security survey Companies from across the food, logistics and distribution sector are being asked to take part in the first annual security survey. The security of storing and transporting food and beverages can be a major security challenge for companies in this industry.   Leading security expect GMS […]

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FRUIT AND NUT CHOCOLATE COMBINATIONS ARE FAVOURITE ACCORDING TO DAWN FOODS SURVEY Chocolate is consumed daily by many of us but according to a recent survey by Dawn Foods most consumers are looking for fruit and nut pairings with their chocolate treats possibly because these additions minimise feelings of guilt and are perceived as ‘healthier’ […]

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