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WAGNER Group expanding in Scandinavia WAGNER Group GmbH is expanding in Scandinavia and, as of 15 May 2017, has acquired a majority holding in Norwegian technology company Hypoxic Technologies AS based in Verdal near Trondheim. Like the WAGNER Group, the company specialises in active fire prevention via oxygen reduction. Hypoxic Technologies will distribute WAGNER´s OxyReduct® […]

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Risk mitigation rather than loss adjustment: Active fire prevention in the world’s biggest high-bay freezer warehouse WAGNER has provided an active fire prevention solution for the world’s largest high-bay freezer warehouse in Richland, WA, USA. With doing so, WAGNER stride a new path as it is the first building in the US being protected by […]

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Active fire prevention ensures 24/7 data availability for this new supercomputer They are the fastest of their time, possessing exceptional computing power, capable of identifying the most complex interrelationships and primarily used for simulation purposes in research: they are the supercomputers. And one such technological marvel has recently been established at the Technical University of […]

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