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Thomas Ridley Respond To Non Alcoholic Trend

The UK is experiencing a huge behaviour shift; the Office of National Statistics recently issued data highlighting that the number of adults who confirm that they do not drink alcohol is at its lowest since records began in 2005. A further 25%* of us are actively trying to moderate our drinking and a record 4.5million** people took part in Dry January® this year.

This change in drinking preferences is driving a huge surge in the sales of non-alcoholic beverages and none more so than the ‘holy grail’ of a non-alcoholic beer that actually tastes good.

Thomas Ridley Foodservice has recently ranged the Suffolk-based micro-brewery, St Peter’s, Without® Gold and Shane Fazackerley, Category Manager- Wines, Beers, Cider and Spirits at Thomas Ridley Foodservice is impressed,

“This is an amazing beer.  A hoppy, golden ale that’s full of flavour and completely alcohol free, full-bodied, with a slightly sweet malt flavour combined with a citrus bitterness. This beer will appeal to a nation of ale drinkers who love a good, full-bodied golden ale, as well as lager drinkers looking for a delicious alcohol-free beer.  Without® Gold is completely different from other alcohol-free beers on the market, most of which are conventional lagers and often thin and watery. Instead, it is made in exactly the same way as a traditional beer, just without the alcohol, and consumers can expect a full-bodied pint, with a good head and delicious taste.”

St Peter’s Without® Gold is available in 500ml bottles and on tap and complements Thomas Ridley’s vast range of draught and bottled beer and cider. For more information and to order from Thomas Ridley Foodservice please contact us on 01359 270536 or order online at www.thomasridley.co.uk

*Nielsen Survey

**Alcohol Concern Data