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Westbridge On-trend BBQ Range

Westbridge Foods have been working hard to perfect poultry in BBQ.

Outside of the weather, BBQ’s are primarily driven by enjoyment and indulgence, with convenience playing a key part. Spontaneous ‘after work’ BBQ’s are on the rise, and this range of products can be cooked straight from the freezer, so they are ready to go at any time and can also be enjoyed all year round – Just as well with the unpredictability of the Great British weather!

Consumers are becoming more adventurous, and are looking for more than just burgers and sausages to impress their guests, using new flavours, cuts of meat and cooking methods. Westbridge have come up with something completely new to the UK market, with their Sous Vide BBQ ‘Chicken Rib’.

This meaty, slow-cooked, cleverly butchered Chicken Thigh pulls off the bone and offers consumers an intriguing, yet delicious alternative to Pork Ribs.

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