Jul 14th, 2015
4 mins

Gourmet Classic New Product Update 2015

In addition to an established range of wine based cooking products, chef favourite Gourmet Classic is now launching a collection of alcohol free Patisserie Glazes. These innovative products will eliminate the need to produce fruit coulis and reductions, saving the chef time and money.

Gourmet Classic Olive_Flavoured Balsamic_Mockup Each Patisserie Glaze contains natural fruit and has an intense flavour. The range contains only natural ingredients and is created to preserve integrity and taste. In a conscious move Gourmet Classic has created alcohol free glazes to appeal to a wider consumer base, and also in awareness of modern food trends – reduced sugar content.

‘The Patisserie Glazes use only natural sweetener and natural fruit sugars. They are excellent for preparation and presentation as they don’t dry out or form a skin’ Gourmet Classic Development Chef

Gourmet Classic Patisserie_Glaze_MockupThe Patisserie Glazes can be used hot or cold and will add a new dimension to any dish, sweet or savoury. All glazes are perfect for plate decorating, drizzling over desserts or simply being served as condiments. There are 8 vibrant fruit flavours available in an easy-pour squeezable 500ml plastic bottle: Apple & Pear, Blackcurrant, Sour cherry, Lemon & Lime, Bitter Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry, RRP £3.99.

An updated range of Flavoured Balsamic Glazes is also being launched in time to enrich summer menus. Gourmet Classic has identified a preference for ‘Mediterranean’ flavours and taste test panels agree.

‘As Balsamic is essentially an Italian product we have added new flavours that enhance this, such as Olive, Sundried Tomato and Pesto’ Gourmet Classic Marketing Manager

Gourmet Classic Flavoured Balsamic Glazes contain 90% Balsamic Vinegar which gives the product a really rich, full flavour. Made with natural flavours evoking the taste of the Mediterranean these glazes are perfect drizzled over salads or used in classic Mediterranean dishes such as Greek salads, tapas or pasta dishes.

The product comes in an easy-pour squeezable 500ml plastic bottle and is price matched to standard Balsamic Glaze, meaning extra flavour and taste for minimum budget, perfect for the cost conscious professional kitchen. 6 Flavours are available: Olive, Sundried Tomato, Pesto, Hot Pepper, Roast Garlic, Hickory Smoke, RRP £3.99.

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