Jan 29th, 2024
4 mins

100 Years of Frozen

This year as an industry we are celebrating a huge historic milestone – 100 years of the frozen food industry.

Back in 1924 a man named Clarence Birdseye revolutionised food production, packaging and food distribution for the world for the next century and beyond. Whilst out fishing in Newfoundland, Clarence observed that when fish were caught and brought out of the freezing waters and placed on the ice, the combination of the temperature and exposure to the elements froze the fish almost instantly. Then, when it came to eating the fish once thawed, to his amazement they were as firm and fresh as if they had just been caught.

What made this method of freezing unique, whilst maintaining the freshness and flavour , was the speed of the freeze – ‘flash freezing’,

That is when Clarence Birdseye set about inventing and patenting his ‘Quick Freeze Machine’, Step-by-step, he invented the processes that would one day become standard practice across the world.

Celebrating our industry

In 2024 we take the opportunity to celebrate the past 100 years and the invention which created the huge frozen industry that it is today. We want to use this milestone to celebrate, educate and engage the industry on everything we have achieved, whilst looking to the future and what the next 100 years holds.

As part of our celebrations across the year, we will be reaching out and speaking to our members about the evolution of the industry over the decades. How technology has evolved and what predictions do we have for the future.

We aim to look at a cross section of the industry from a range of producers, wholesalers, retailers and foodservice and push this out across all media platforms. We want to utilise this huge milestone to raise the profile of our industry and celebrate all that is frozen.

Get Involved

Get involved by downloading the 100 years of frozen logo and adding it to all your marketing communications across the year including:

  • Email signatures
  • Digital adverts and banners
  • Social graphics

If you would like to get involved in our campaign and support with article and PR please contact

Download the logo here


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