Hello, I wanted to take time to create this personal message to talk you through some of the key areas that the BFFF are supporting members in.

I have now been with the Federation for just over a year and in that time have created a new strategic direction for the Federation. This is not about changing all the good things the Federation has done in the past but to build upon them to create even more value for members.

As a first step we have created a vision for the Federation to be recognised as the voice of the Frozen Food industry, helping members grow their business. A lofty ambition that can only be achieved through the support of our members.

As part of this new strategy we have started to move the Federation towards an increased digital delivery of information and engagement with members. We have already started to use webinars with several running that focused on the COVID-19 issues and later in the summer we will launch a brand-new website with increased functionality and accessibility.

The bulletin in the future will be part of the new website, ensuring we get news to members quickly. However, we will still ensure the content remains relevant and of a high quality.

Following extensive engagement with members we have launched three new initiatives with two special interest groups. One is focused on packaging reduction and the other on sustainability. These are two key areas for our members. Packing reduction, especially on plastic will become a commercial imperative with the Government introducing a £200 per tonne plastic tax unless the material contains 30% recycled material from 2022. We will lobby for the timing of this to be changed to allow members more time to prepare for this new tax.

We have also launched a young leaders forum with the objective of engaging and developing young people within our industry. If you would like to be involved in any of these new initiatives, then please contact us.

Our outstanding reputation for our expertise in supporting members on Technical and Health & Safety issues is well founded. Our work in these areas is guided by our highly qualified experts in their field, Denise Rion and Simon Brentnall.

With food wastage through the whole supply chain becoming a hot environmental topic, I firmly believe this will play to the strengths of the Frozen Food industry. As an industry we use resources very efficiently to produce an end product that enables end users, either consumers or professional chefs to reduce their food waste. So not only do we help reduce food waste we do this with convenient high-quality products combined with amazing innovation.

Finally, Brexit will create new challenges for our industry in both the short and long term. In the coming weeks we will re-focus our efforts on this topic to ensure members are kept up to date with the evolving trading relationship with Europe and the new trading agreements with other nations.

Renewing your membership of the BFFF allows us to continue to support the whole frozen food industry. If you want to discuss your anniversary renewal in detail, I’m always available. I look forward to seeing you either online or in person (COVID-19 allowing). Stay safe and stay well!


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