May 19th, 2019
5 mins

Allergen data enters the world of AI through latest integration


A tech start-up seeking to disrupt the food sector has launched an integration partnership with a leading provider of food product data.

443 AI, which is aiming to help foodservice wholesalers ‘leapfrog the last 20 years’ when it comes to digital and e-commerce, has linked its platform with Erudus.

443 AI is a progressive web app, which bridges the gap between websites and apps and removes the limitations of each one.

For example, it looks like an app and has push notifications enabled, but it’s on the web so no download is required for installation or updates as happens with apps.

The integration allows 443 AI’s users to view enhanced product specifications including allergen and nutritional information before ordering.

Jason Finch, founder of 443 AI, said: “Our goal is to help foodservice wholesalers not only get up-to-date immediately, but futureproof themselves as much as possible by using this technology.

“It’s a mission we are very passionate about and have introduced a grant programme to remove the large upfront costs usually associated with e-commerce setup. In addition, we offer a fixed fee, which means users don’t get penalised for increasing sales through our platform.

“The integration partnership with Erudus is another illustration of our commitment to helping foodservice wholesalers. Nutritional menus and allergen information is high on the agenda for all caterers.

“Our users will now be able to check products and achieve their goals of providing the right meals to their customers prior to placing the order, as well as viewing any allergy data instantly.”

Jon Shayler, chief operating officer at Erudus, said: “Right at the outset of our conversations with Jason and the team it became apparent an integration partnership would help with our respective objectives.

“In particular, we want to do more with the data available, allow caterers and wholesalers to do more, and push the access out further across the industry

“I look forward to seeing where 443 AI takes its platform in the future.”

443 AI has machine learning embedded in the system to make ordering quicker and smoother for caterers.

Jason added: “The platform comes with automated data intelligence, which means it will understand more about the user to provide tailored search results.

“For example, if a customer searches for a product for the first time, the results will be displayed in a particular order such as based on their purchasing history and what is popular with similar caterers.”

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