by Anglia Crown Ltd.
Oct 1st, 2018
4 mins

Anglia Crown launches eight new dishes in brand-new ‘Smaller Meals Plus’ range

Anglia Crown, a prepared meal manufacturer, has launched a brand-new Smaller Meals Plus range. The individual frozen meals form part of the company’s award-winning Crown Advantage meals and are tailored for patients with smaller appetites.

Crown Advantage Smaller Meals Plus consists of eight nutritious and appetising dishes. These include a delicious cauliflower and broccoli pasta, corned beef hash, creamy salmon stew, lamb and lentil curry, tuna savoury rice, vegetarian all day breakfast, vegetarian sausage stew and a popular chicken korma (pictured above). Each meal weighs no more than 300g and provides a minimum of 500kcals and 20g of protein.

Paul Howell, director of Anglia Crown comments:

“We are delighted to launch our new Smaller Meals Plus range. During a review of our product range, we identified patients could benefit from meals specifically designed for individuals who are unable to consume a standard adult meal, usually due to either the loss of appetite whilst recovering from being ill, or just not being able to finish an adult portion. This coincides with our support to tackle food waste within healthcare establishments.”

The range builds on the company’s front-running reputation in vegan manufacturing for healthcare. In 2017, Anglia Crown was the first healthcare supplier to work with the Vegan Society and register several dishes. To support this, the new Smaller Meals Plus range includes three vegetarian dishes, including a vegetarian sausage stew which is vegan suitable. In addition to this, the creamy salmon stew has been created with an oily fish, and five of the eight dishes within the range do not contain gluten.

Smaller Meals Plus also launches Anglia Crown’s vegetarian all day breakfast. A delicious and nutritious meal including an omelette, vegetarian sausage, sauté potatoes and baked beans.

Crown Advantage Smaller Meals Plus is available for delivery from 30th September 2018 and can be pre-ordered the week before.

Call Anglia Crown on 01206 854 564 for a free taste test or for more information email


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