by Anglia Crown Ltd.
Mar 10th, 2018
5 mins

Anglia Crown unveils innovative soft-boiled egg

In response to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), updating advice on eating raw or lightly cooked eggs, Anglia Crown will unveil an innovative egg product, Yowk, at the Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) Learning and Development forum 12th-13th April 2018.

Since October 2017, the FSA has pronounced it is safe for infants, children, pregnant women and elderly people to consume raw or lightly cooked eggs if they bear the British Lion mark. This marked a major U-turn for the FSA, who for the past 30 years, stated it was unsafe due to a salmonella scare.

With a soft-boiled egg being one of the nation’s favourite ways to eat eggs, Anglia Crown has now delivered a solution to put them back on the hospital patient menu with the innovation Yowk.

The Yowk egg is individually packaged, and can be soft-boiled in just five minutes using a kettle. Fully pasteurised, it is pre-cooked to make the egg white set whilst the yolk remains runny. The packaging turns into a ready-made egg cup and comes with its own spoon. The eggs are delivered chilled with a minimum of four days shelf life and all eggs come from Lion brand authorised providers.

Paul Howell managing director of Anglia Crown comments;

“Dippy eggs paired with toasted soldiers is surely one of everyone’s favourite breakfast dishes. Once the FSA lifted the ban, our challenge was to discover how to deliver this within a hospital setting. We immediately set about finding a solution, and we are delighted to help bring to healthcare a perfect soft-boiled egg.”

Eggs are not just a popular choice, but a good nutritional choice too. NHS guidelines suggest snacks should be approximately 100 calories or fewer. The average egg at 58g is approximately 80 calories, 20 calories fewer than the recommend limit.

According to the British Egg Information Service, eggs are a natural source of many nutrients including high quality protein, vitamins and minerals.

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They go on to state, they also contain approximately 4.6g fat, equivalent to about a teaspoon, but only one quarter of this fat is saturated fat, resulting in eggs being a perfect healthy snack or breakfast option.

Further research from the British Egg Information Service found 32 million eggs are being eaten in the UK every single day, and Anglia Crown believes the Yowk egg, is the perfect way to deliver one of the nation’s favourite comfort food to a hospital patient.

The Yowk egg is available through Anglia Crown from March 2018 and will be available for demonstration at the Anglia Crown stand (56), at the Hospital Caterers Association Learning and Development forum, April 2018


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