Mar 10th, 2016
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apetito makes mealtimes more manageable with LAUNCH OF Purée Petite

apetito Puréed Salmon Supreme served with Broccoli and Sauté Potatoesapetito, the leading specialist nutrition provider for care homes, hospitals and Meals-on-Wheels services, has launched its latest innovation – an energy-dense texture-modified range that has the potential to help thousands of people living with dysphagia.

Dysphagia is the clinical term for someone experiencing swallowing difficulties and often goes hand-in-hand with conditions such as stroke and dementia.  Being associated with other conditions, it increasingly affects the elderly and can contribute to the onset of malnutrition and associated illnesses.

With 11.4 million over 65’s in the UK[1], and the ageing population increasing, there has never been greater demand for meals that are not only safe and appealing for those with dysphagia to eat, but are also high in nutritional content.

In a first of its kind, the Purée Petite range of energy-dense meals is an extension of apetito’s award-winning texture-modified range.  Developed by the company’s in-house dietitian, nutritionist and team of chefs, the meals – which meet the National Texture Descriptors – are 40 percent smaller than its existing range of Category C meals.

This development is a direct result of feedback from healthcare caterers who have highlighted that some patients need meals with high levels of nutrition in smaller portions to reflect smaller or decreased appetites.

As each option within the range provides more than 500 calories and 15g-20g protein, those with dysphagia, as well as professionals responsible for their care, can be reassured that they are getting a high protein, high calorific meal that meets their nutritional needs.

With options to suit all individual tastes and preferences, as well as accounting for special dietary requirements such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan, the Purée Petite range includes 21 new recipes which make each mouthful as nutritious and tasty as possible.

Lee Sheppard, Director of Public Policy and External Affairs, said:  “Everyone deserves the right to dine with dignity and dysphagia has removed that for many thousands of people.  Hospital caterers have a unique challenge on their hands in the delivery of safe, nutritious and appealing food to dysphagic patients in the face of tight resources.  It’s no wonder that malnutrition remains a huge issue for the NHS.

“I’m incredibly proud of how we can make a real difference to people’s lives with these meals – food that looks and tastes like you would hope, delivers high nutritional value and is reassuringly safe.”

Created in line with the British Dietetic Association Guidelines, each meal is simple to prepare and crucially, maintains its appetising appearance after cooking.  And with a wide selection of options, from Puréed Steak Casserole served with Carrots and Sauté Potatoes to Puréed Tomato and Basil Pasta served with Cauliflower Cheese and Peas, there’s something to suit all individual tastes.  After all, offering genuine choice is a major part of creating a dignified dining experience.

The new Purée Petite range is available now.  To find out more information, please contact 01225 753 636 or visit

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[1] Mid-2014 Population Estimates UK Office for National Statistics, 2015


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