Nov 13th, 2019
6 mins

BFFF member enjoys extraordinary success

BFFF member, smoked salmon specialist Grants Oak Smoked has enjoyed a superb year – both for the planet and its products.

Grants Oak Smoked, which supplies smoked salmon to retailers, chefs and food companies across the globe, enjoyed a number of unique successes in 2019.

As well as increasing its frozen exports overseas, the Cumbrian company also became the first UK Smokehouse to get BAP accreditation.

The BAP monitoring scheme is internationally recognised for demanding the highest possible standards in aquaculture and sea food production.

Grants also became the only independent UK smokehouse to get the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Taste Approved Award for its premium Traditional Rope Hung Scottish Smoked Salmon. The Rope Hung also won its second gold medal at the Monde Federation awards.

One of the company’s core products – Grants Traditional long sliced – also won three stars in the UK Great Taste awards – an honour already held by the rope hung. It also won Good Housekeeping Magazine’s best smoked salmon of 2019 award under the Fish Society’s FishRJumpin’ brand.

Company owner Jonathan Brown said: “2019 was a remarkable year. The BAP award proves we are the very forefront of the industry in only using salmon from suppliers with the very best aquaculture and environmental policies.

“As reliance on aquaculture grows, everyone in the seafood industry must do their utmost to follow best practice and the BAP accreditation proves we are doing that.”

“In 2020 we are looking to begin using completely recyclable packing, sourcing salmon from on-shore fish farms which have a negligible environmental impact and of course, for many years we have used every single part of every fish which comes to us. Once the fillets have been removed, we export the fish heads to Korea, the bones make fertilizer, the skin is used for salmon crisps etc.

“The success of our products with the Good Housekeeping and Great Taste awards also show our longstanding reputation for quality continues.”

“This is also confirmed by a growth in frozen sales to the Far East and Australia. We delight in giving customers in far off lands the chance to try the best Scottish smoked salmon. One of the keys to our traditional smoking process is ensuring the right level of moisture is left in the fish so when it is unfrozen it retains its superb taste and texture.

“Brexit concerns aside, our family firm has more than 30 years of exporting smoked salmon and that is only possible when you know how to process, and smoke the fish, properly.

“We are extremely that proud from our small premises on the edge of the Lake District we give people across the world the chance to test the best possible smoked salmon, and we look forward to delighting more customers in 2020 and beyond.”



Family firm Grants Oak Smoked, which employs more than 100 people at its facility in Maryport, on the edge of the Lake District, supplies smoked salmon to retailers, restaurants and food companies across the globe. For more information on the company, please visit

For further press enquiries please contact or call 07889 929 777.

For more information on the BAP scheme, visit

Grants traditional Rope Hung Smoked Scottish Salmon is available for sale in numerous retail outlets across the UK and is also available direct from our website at


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