Mar 17th, 2021
5 mins


At last year’s Business Conference, we announced the launch of a Specialist Interest Group (SIG) on Sustainability. Unfortunately, the workload of the Federation in dealing with the pandemic and the end of the Brexit transition period resulted in us having to delay the launch of this group.

We now feel we have the resources to facilitate the creation of this SIG. Indeed, we feel that one of the consequences of the pandemic is a renewed focus on the sustainability topic.


Why Create the SIG for Sustainability?

It is clear that the way we look at the sustainability agenda today is different to five years ago. It is inevitable that the agenda will change and develop over the coming five years, and therefore it is vital that we help members to understand the narrative and focus as it evolves.

Also, we would like to find ways to help smaller members take part in the debate and process. This could cover how members deal with water stress, coping with the possible introduction of food waste or carbon footprint reporting as examples.



The United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) form the basis of many of the targets adopted by Governments and companies, not just in the UK but globally.

We would therefore like to develop BFFF policy and guidance to assist members in working towards these SDGs. It is only by taking a collaborative approach that the UK will reach its net zero targets by 2050.


Climate Balance

The frozen food industry is a heavy user of energy, from the freezing process, storage, transport, and the display of product in retail stores or as an end user. However, the industry is very efficient in the use of this energy and the way we produce product. Normally, production in frozen utilises longer production runs with very efficient use of natural resources, including dealing with the waste and/or by products in a cost-efficient way.

One of the key benefits our industry can promote is helping both consumers and professional kitchens in reducing food waste.

Consumers often ask what they can do to reduce emissions. One very simple and practical way is to convince them that by simply purchasing more frozen food, will help them to reduce their food waste. Additionally, there is evidence that by doing this it will also save them money.

We therefore need, as an industry, to promote the concept of the Climate Balance. To do this, we need to bring the industry together to work and develop this concept.



We already have a list of interested companies and we will be reaching out to them to plan a kick-off meeting at the end of April/early May.

We also invite any member who wishes to be part of this initiative to send their details to Siobhan O’Callaghan.


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