Oct 1st, 2018
4 mins

Bidfood unveils five casual dining essentials

New research from Bidfood reveals value for money, convenience and healthy choices as essential when attracting consumers to casual dining restaurants.

Bidfood’s Consumer Views Study shows that Brits are eating out less frequently than the same time last year and 45% are actively reducing their leisure spending[1]. With a host of social and economic trends playing an intrinsic role in how we spend our time and money, the report sheds light on how dining operators can stand-out in a saturated and intensely competitive market.

Five casual dining essentials

Bidfood’s research has identified the following to be the most highly rated factors that would encourage consumers to dine out more frequently[2]:

  • Value for money: 28% of consumers want smaller portions of British classics at cheaper prices
  • Convenience: 25% of consumers look for dining outlets that offer takeaway options at a cost that’s less than dining in
  • Health: 20% of consumers want menu choices that meet their healthy eating goals
  • Experiential: 20% of consumers are looking for something different when eating out
  • Flexibility: 14% of consumers look for menus available at all times of the day

Lucy Pedrick, Insights Manager at Bidfood, said: “Our aim was to uncover restaurant must-haves, as rated by diners, to help operators attract footfall and ensure their business is future fit in such a competitive market.

“Without a doubt, the biggest deal breaker for consumers today has to be the cost of eating out. With decreased disposable income to contend with, people are looking for extra value for money and certainly don’t want their food going to waste – that’s why smaller portions and discounts on takeaway options ranked among the highest in our survey.

“Ultimately, remaining competitive requires outlets to respond quickly to emerging food trends and preferences. Some 50% of consumers themselves recognised that with changing menus and service offerings, pricing structures and greater personalisation, eating out frequency could be reinvigorated[3].”

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[3] Bidfood Consumer Views Survey (2018)


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