Mar 28th, 2018
8 mins


  • Birds Eye’s new campaign – Winner Winner Birds Eye Chicken for Dinner – sees the introduction of two new exciting ads backed by an unprecedented £8m spend – a 100% increase on spend vs. 2017
  • Winner Winner Birds Eye Chicken for Dinner campaign is set to focus on the versatility of Birds Eye frozen chicken, tapping-into the value of wholesome family entertainment
  • Introduction of new products and revamped recipes across drippers, chargrills, saucy grills and nuggets

Leading frozen food brand, Birds Eye, is launching a new multi-channel campaign aimed at celebrating the versatility, quality and flavour of its frozen chicken. Launching across its iconic Chicken Dippers and Chicken Chargrills ranges, the campaign explores how every Birds Eye frozen chicken dinner is a winner, with the campaign seeing the largest investment in frozen chicken in a decade.

Winner Winner Birds Eye Chicken for Dinner

Launching on Monday 26th March with its iconic Chicken Dippers, the new multi-channel campaign sets a different tone for the brand as it explores the tastier way to enjoy 100% chicken breast, as told through a fun, family-themed setting.

Filmed with excitement and flair, the advertisements are a shift-change from the brand’s previous turnaround campaign from 2017, with the move reminding consumers of the authentic, versatile qualities Birds Eye frozen chicken provides for any meal. Set during family dinnertime, the ads see flavour-seeking kids “transform” their way to a tasty dinner, with wholesome family entertainment including cheerleaders and retro disco vibes injecting added life into the meal – an experience found in every bite of Birds Eye chicken products.

Andrew Elder, Birds Eye Chicken marketing manager, comments: “The new campaign is another exciting step forward for both the brand and category, aiming to reinforce Birds Eye as a trusted, credible brand providing quality, flavoursome food.

Frozen chicken has come a long way in the last year, with Birds Eye’s growth attributing significant uplift to the category, which grows as we do. We hope the new campaign further reminds and reassures the nation that our products are made with 100% chicken breast, perfect for wholesome, delicious meals.”

In the last 12 months, the brand’s chicken portfolio saw incredible uplift and has experienced a year-on-year value growth of 7.6% [Nielsen, 52 w/e 24.02.2018]. The new campaign is predicted to further drive penetration in frozen chicken in 2018 as Birds Eye reminds the nation of the quality and taste of its products.

With a total investment of £8m, the new Birds Eye campaign will run across TV, online video and social platforms and marks a 100% increase vs. 2017 spend.

Unprecedented spend & Multi-Channel Marketing

Winner Winner Birds Eye Chicken for Dinner is Birds Eye’s biggest investment in poultry in a decade, with a total investment of £8m – a 100% increase on spend in 2017. The campaign also marks the first time the brand’s iconic Chicken Dippers will be on-air in 5 years, championing the teatime favourite as the ‘dippiest’ way to enjoy chicken.

Rolling-out across TV, digital, social and VOD channels, the campaign stretches multiple platforms, tapping-into the nation’s desire for quality, versatile products they understand and trust.

Elder continues: “Poultry is one of the fastest-growing categories within frozen, with consumers increasingly turning to the protein because of the convenience and versatility these products offer.

As the leading brand in frozen, we have an opportunity to interact with consumers with this campaign through multiple touchpoints, putting an unprecedented spend behind our TV ads and engaging with shoppers through popular channels such as VOD and on social.

Last year’s campaign proved incredibly successful in communicating the re-assuring message of product quality. This year, we wanted to build on this product quality message by highlighting the fact that a Birds Eye chicken dinner is a winner on many levels”.

Winning, new products

Alongside the new campaign, Birds Eye is introducing three new products that tap into new flavour trends to ensure that taste is top of the agenda.

These are:

  • Katsu Curry Saucy Chicken
  • Soy, Ginger and Garlic Chicken Chargrills, and;
  • Mexican Nacho Crumb Chicken in Breadcrumb

In addition to the new products, Birds Eye is revamping the recipes of its Chicken Nuggets with Golden Wholegrain, and Peri Peri Chicken Chargrills to add even more flavour on these two favourites in the range.

The new campaign airs from Monday 26th March 2018, with new products already available.


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