Jan 6th, 2021
7 mins

We issued the following overview by Defra for companies on 31 Dec that had been listed as Approved Traders into Northern Ireland. Companies should have received this directly from Defra. However, we felt this was worth sharing with members again just in case the Defra communication was not received. Please note that applications to join this scheme stopped on 29 December 2020.

Summary of documentation requirements from 1st January 2021, please find attached an updated STAMNI Compliance Declaration form.

In addition, please also find attached an Authorised Trader Guidance – How to move goods from Great Britain (GB) into Northern Ireland (NI) from January 2021.

“You will be aware of the agreement that has been reached with the EU on the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol, including the publication of the Northern Ireland Command Paper outlining the new processes and easements that are in place for Authorised Traders. We are writing to provide a summary of the documentation requirements ahead of 1 January 2021, and outlining the links to further reference information that may be of use to you and your suppliers.

By 31 December 2020, all authorised traders should have received confirmation from Defra or from their relevant affiliated supermarket that they had been added to the authorised trader list. This confirmation included a registration number that must be used when notifying DAERA of goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

From 1 January 2021, all consignments moving as part of a retail supply chain by an Authorised Trader must be accompanied by the STAMNI Compliance Declaration. This easement on full certification requirements for these products will be in place for three months, per the terms of the Command Paper. From 1 January, all P&R POAO consignments must be accompanied by the P&R Compliance Declaration. Both these documents are issued per lorry and can be signed by a trader-designated employee and do not require vet signatures.

From 25 January 2021, all P&R POAO consignments must be accompanied by the P&R Official Certificate. This is also issued per lorry, but must be done by an authorised certifier, e.g. an OV.

From 15 February 2021, each P&R consignment must be accompanied with the P&R EHC Model Certificates. Per standard EU-model EHCs, the certificates from this point will be issued per product rather than per lorry, and will need to be signed by an authorised certifier, e.g. an OV. These are not currently on the showcase site, but will be available in due course.

Attached is the certification you will require from 1 January, however you will find further template certificates and guidance on the Showcase site.  This includes additional guidance documents on defining and applying for Authorised Trader status, the definitions and easements around specific P&R goods, maps and webinar slides on Authorised Trader movements, and broader useful resources around support schemes, and commodity-specific information. This information will also be issued on GOV.UK shortly.”

We now have further information on the above. The simplified certificates must be signed by an authorised signatory. Originally it was required that a Board Director had to sign, the Government has now accepted that this can be delegated by a Board Director to another senior person, possibly at the point of despatch.

Defra are recommending that there is a clear paperwork trail showing that a Board Director has delegated the responsibility to another person.

The process requires companies to pre-notify of shipments on Traces NT and have the accompanying  STAMNI Compliance Declaration. This should be done 24 hours before the arrival of the goods. DAERA will then cross check the security seal number of the vehicle which should ensure the smooth flow of goods.

The process for P&R items requires a  P&R Compliance Declaration , however as January progress new rules will apply to P&R items, although the majority of these are chilled items other than one poultry item.


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