Mar 30th, 2021
4 mins

With the UK Government pushing back the deadline for SPS checks on goods going into Northern Ireland – this has raised issues with many companies who did not apply to be on the Authorised Trader List that was created in December 2020.

When the extension was announced the Federation, together with a number of other trade bodies, asked Defra how they can support companies that supply into the Foodservice Market but did not apply to join the Authorised Trader Scheme?

Defra have now issued a short questionnaire to gather data. Listed below is the request from Defra and the information they are looking for:

We are keen to work with the hospitality and wholesaler sectors to understand any issues that may present as the Covid restrictions ease and the hospitality sector opens up. We are testing a range of questions on the risks and issues facing the hospitality sector in Northern Ireland to understand the changes better and consider how we may support you. Some of these questions also feature as part of the monthly wholesaler survey, so there is no need to submit answers here if that has already been completed.

  • Do you supply to NI?
  • Have you experienced any issues supplying to NI this year?

o If yes, what issues have you experienced?

  • Do you foresee any issues supplying to NI when the hospitality sector reopens?

o If yes, what issues do you foresee?

o If yes, what plans do you have in place to mitigate them?

  • What are the number of lines (types of products) supplying for this sector?
  • What volume of these products do you import from GB?
  • Are you or any of your suppliers currently on the authorised trader list?
  • Have you had to change your supply chains? If so, to what extent are you sourcing your products locally (i.e. not importing from GB)
  • Are you using any third-party logistics companies to help them get goods between GB-NI?’

Please send responses to;, &

Members can either respond directly to Defra or send the information to Siobhan and we will forward on your behalf.



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