May 5th, 2021
6 mins

We’ve received a number of updates/reminders in the last week from Defra, all relating in some way to exporting. Please see a collection below of those we feel will be most relevant to BFFF members.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us and we do our best to channel them back to the relevant governmental department.

Updated AHR and composite products FAQs

For those of you who attended Defra’s recent webinars on the Animal Health Regulation (AHR) and new rules on composite products we are regularly updating the FAQs

Composite product private attestation process map

This private attestation process map will help you when using a private attestation to move your goods to Northern Ireland or exporting them to the EU.

Exporting composite products from GB to Ireland

The Department of Agriculture Food and Marine (DAFM) has issued guidance that clarifies the rules on exporting composite products from GB to Ireland that are exempt from BCP checks. It has also issued guidance on completing private attestations for shelf-stable composite products that don’t contain meat.

Exporting to Spain – guidance and declaration form

The Spanish Ministry of Health has recently published guidance and a declaration form to help businesses in Great Britain exporting goods of animal origin and composite products to Spain. There are specific Spanish requirements that are needed along with EU Export Health Certification. These requirements are divided by product type along with the general health documentation to be submitted with all consignments and information on this is provided in this guidance. These include listing the percentage of ingredients and additives used in the manufacturing of the food. Completing this declaration form with the required information is optional however it should help improve the process of exporting food from GB to Spain.

Pre-notification at French borders

The French authorities have confirmed all Border Control Posts (BCPs) in France will accept 4-hour pre-notification for all chilled consignments.

EHC Online changes: Language requirements

Export Health Certificates (EHCs) must be drawn up in one or more of the official languages of the European Union, understood by the certifying officer and by the BCP. This means you only need to provide EHCs in English and the language of the member state of entry into the EU. You are not required to provide a translation for the member state of destination, if different from the member state of entry. Changes will be made to EHC online in mid-May to reflect this, removing the third language of the certificate altogether. Until then, the third language version can be discarded.

Update to logistics hubs guidance – amendment to Food Business Operator Declaration

The logistics hubs guidance has been updated with amendments to the Food Business Operator (FBO) Declaration: Part II of the Supplier Declaration which must accompany fishery products (including fresh fish) and Live Bivalve Molluscs arriving at a logistics hub for certification under Risk-Based Fish Export Certification (RBFEC). Instead of a separate Part II being issued for each batch of goods sent to the hub for certification, Part II will now be valid for one month so helping to reduce the administrative burden on exporters. All consignments sent during this one-month period are covered, provided there have been no changes made to the production premises or processes since Part I was issued.



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