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Mar 12th, 2018
5 mins

Celsius eliminates the risk of human error with sophisticated automation technology

Automation has become a frequently used term in the future strategies of leading UK businesses. Unlike AI, automation is restricted to follow pre-programmed orders and rules, making it no surprise that companies are increasingly using the technology to carry out repetitive and monotonous tasks; and in turn, increase staff efficiency and overall business cost-effectiveness.

A recent study by ServiceNow found that: “Companies with more than 20% revenue growth are 61% automated on average. Companies with flat or negative growth are only 35% automated.” One company that has identified this opportunity for automation to improve accuracy is Cerulean, the Milton Keynes based manufacturer of the non-invasive thermometry system, Celsius.

Celsius uses the Faraday Cage principle to measure the average temperature of items such as frozen and chilled food-stuff. The machine detects radio energy from samples and converts readings into temperature values. Whilst the testing process does require human involvement, the equipment has an easy to follow GUI and is quick and simple to operate.  Results are delivered on a visual display panel in moments and it is here where automation comes into play.

The Celsius Data Analysis System provides electronic traceability to product data, operator identification and production times. Once Celsius obtains data from its subject, readings are automatically pushed to a SQL database and logged for analysis with no physical data trail required. This information can be displayed as a table or graph and can be exported into a range of formats and reports.

A survey commissioned by Vanson Bourne, spanning over 100 companies, highlighted the importance of solutions like the Celsius Data Analysis System, when it reported that human error was responsible for 23% of downtime in the manufacturing sector. With maintaining an accurate temperature range being so critical for food manufacturers – and the potentially catastrophic consequences of inaccuracy at the data logging stage –  Celsius has utilised current automated technology to provide a solution that effectively removes any risk of human error from the data capture process.

From a business efficiency standpoint, ‘C-DASS’ represents an opportunity to increase productivity as the offering includes complete hardware and software platforms; removing the need to install any additional ‘host’ software components. Converting data captured into comparable and insightful reports is also no longer an additional task required but an effortless process.

In addition to leveraging useful automated tools, the latest range of Celsius instruments, Midi and Maxi, have evolved to offer larger and more responsive screens, upgraded operated platforms and improved shielding/measurement activity. Put simply, manufacturers have no excuses when it comes to providing the accurate insight and data the market needs.


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