May 5th, 2021
4 mins

CGA have kindly shared with us their Pulse Consumer survey into behaviours upon reopening, conducted between 19-21st April. This is a more comprehensive and detailed version of the Consumer Pulse Survey available on their website.

Some key highlights:

  • Overall consumer visits were in line with or better than expectations and most importantly most consumers felt safe during their visits, but operators will need to continue to ensure Covid-19 safety measures are followed and communicated to reassure those who are more apprehensive
  • Satisfaction with overall visits and safety measures has led to consumers feeling confident to return to the sector quickly after their first visit, with just under half planning on returning within a week
  • The removal of the substantial meal restrictions imposed during last lockdown has seen the return of the drink led occasion with 42% of visits being predominantly drink-led
  • Pre-booking within the first week posed both an opportunity and a barrier, deterring people from making spontaneous visits for fear they won’t get a table or deterring people from going out more because they felt pre-booking was a hassle
  • The average consumer made 2.4 visits and spent 1 to 1.5 hours in each venue, with pubs being the most popular channel. However, pre-booking and time restrictions on venues have resulted in consumers visiting more venues when out compared to July last year
  • Habit remains the core driver to choosing drinks but with growing confidence comes a slight increase in consumers desire to experiment or try brands they discovered at home during lockdown
  • For the 56% of consumers who didn’t return within the first week, sitting outside is the biggest barrier, followed by concern over safety measures such as social distancing, hopefully reopening of indoors on 17th May and the continued rollout of vaccines will help to lessen these concerns

Click here to view the full report


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