Apr 27th, 2021
6 mins

CGA have kindly shared with us Parts 3 & 4 of their four-part series: Consumer Countdown to Reopening. The key takeouts are as follows:

Part 3

  • Consumers are concerned about the long-term financial implications of Covid-19, with this now overtaking health concerns
  • Siding on the err of caution, consumers are looking to save more money than they did prior to the pandemic. Value for money is therefore likely to be elevated as result
    • Operators should understand that value has a much stronger connection to quality than it does to cost and communicate this in their offering
  • Optimism and confidence are an upward trend, most likely influenced by success of the UK’s Covid-19 vaccination program but also their personal financial security as three quarters of consumers expect their disposable income to stay the same or increase within the next 12 months
    • Though confidence visiting hospitality venues is up +12pp since the start of this lockdown, consumers will still require reassurance visiting venues that have been closed for longer
  • Covid-19 has led consumers to realise they would like to live in the moment more (65%) and not pass up on opportunities to go out (54%). Hospitality venues will be at the heart of this, with ‘going out for a meal’ featuring as the number 1 activity consumers are looking forward to when things return to normal
  • Furthermore, 2 in 5 expect to go out more than they did in 2019 and 29% anticipate to spend more on eating and drinking out. Channels that can expect the biggest increase in frequency of visits are late night venues and festivals


Part 4

  • Consumers are just as expectant of Covid-19 measures in outlets when they return to the market; 57% stating that it essential for staff to wear protective equipment in order for them to visit a venue, with social distancing and hand sanitizer availability remaining high
  • Though 18-34 year olds over-index for seeking experiential factors such as music and atmosphere when they return to the market, the fundamentals; quality, price, range and service, along with cleanliness and safety, will be prioritised by the majority
  • Consumers are likely to remain cautious, with 62% preferring short visits, 70% preferring to only visit one venue over a circuit of venues and 48% preferring to sit outside – there is a growing boldness however, with the number willing to sit in a large group doubling since last year
  • Nearly 3 quarters of consumers are looking for lower tempo occasions and atmosphere, though appetite for venues that can offer new and different experiences has grown since the market was last open, suggesting consumers could be more experimental this time around
  • 43% of consumers would prefer to use technology to order over interacting with staff, however, 47% of consumers will still prefer to order in person via table service when the market reopens
  • Operators should strongly consider their online presence, with just as many consumers preferring to view menus on an app (32%) as on a physical menu (33%)
  • Effortless booking capabilities should be advertised by venues as more and more consumers are looking to pre plan their on trade visits

To read the full reports please Click Here



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