by Meadow Vale Food Group
Jul 19th, 2023
8 mins

The British summer always brings a time to embrace eating out.

Festival season is underway, holiday parks are raising the shutters and beer gardens are filling up as the food service sector prepares for its busiest time of year, serving up the latest and greatest food trends.

This summer, food service is adapting to the ongoing cost of living crisis that has forced people to make more conscious decisions over how they spend their money. Nonetheless, eat-out footfall has not wavered and demand for quality food is still higher than ever.

The main focus for consumers will be reducing the final bill. Visiting a favoured restaurant but ordering less than usual to reduce the cost was a strategy adopted by 15% of UK restaurant customers in the past year.

Appealing to cost conscious consumers by offering food and drinks packages that emphasise value for money whilst maintaining a high-quality menu offering, will therefore be the main aim for chefs in food outlets nationwide this summer.

High quality frozen produce is one avenue operators can take in reducing the cost of cooking from fresh and saving customers money, and we’re here to tell you why Meadow Vale is the one stop chicken shop for doing just that.

Sun in the sky, food on the go

As better weather ushers in active lifestyles and more regular socialising between families and friends, people are still expected to favour food on the go and eat more meals out despite rising prices.

Foodservice operators need to be ready to capitalise on this by offering enticing dishes throughout the day that are suitable for a quick grab-and-go option, and we’ve got the perfect fix.

Meadow Vale’s highly versatile, award winning Homestyle Shredded Chicken range offers the perfect summer delicacy, cooked in as little as 90-seconds from frozen and allowing the caterer to serve a wide range of great tasting dishes quickly.

Coming in a variety of authentic flavours, the shredded pieces are perfect for creating a tasty taco, loaded fries or salad bowl with a fresh appeal using a selection of simple and easy garnishes, providing the ultimate summertime snack satisfaction.

Furthermore, the sale of kid’s meals will be emphasised in the school holidays, so stocking up on the bitesize favourites will be essential.

By choosing our popular Battered Fillet Bites or Pickin’ Chicken using 100% natural breast fillet, chefs can use the same product across a menu, whether it be for the perfect pick and dip kid’s meal, or tasty Thai fusion dish.

Summer combos

Drinks and food packages and tapas style sharers are becoming increasingly popular for groups looking to maximise their hospitality experience and cut the financial burden by spreading the costs between them.

Restaurants are increasingly turning to chicken shop style combos and sharers including strips, wings and bites for food and drinks packages, such as the ever-trending ‘wing Wednesday’ bulk offer, popular with young adults and students.

Offering a buffet style combo package with a wide range of catering-sized dishes allows your customers to mix and match popular options, from mini-tacos and pizzas, to chicken wings, loaded fries and nachos.

Meadow Vale provides everything the caterer needs for a consistently high performing and easy-to-prepare chicken option for sharers and combos, from our award-winning Homestyle Chicken range to our succulent selection breaded and battered mini fillets, all fully cooked and ready to serve in minutes.

A stress-free approach

Alleviating stress on kitchen staff, speeding up service and consistently producing a high-quality food offering will be key during the busy summer months.

Using Meadow Vale chicken is a good way of cutting out risks of cooking from fresh, whilst saving time and providing a consistent premium product for your customers.

Our number counted and weighted bags allow for total control of portion sizes and allows chefs to waste nothing in the process. Why spend more, waste more and use more time, when you can serve up a fresh appeal product in minutes, that cuts out the middle man of preparation?

What’s more, anybody can create a premium chicken dish with Meadow Vale products, meaning kitchens suffering from staff shortage and high demand can achieve a much-needed leg-up, whilst providing a great tasting chicken offering.

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