by Lamb-Weston/Meijer VOF
Mar 8th, 2023
5 mins

As the country throws out the bunting once again and comes together at restaurants, bars and street parties everywhere to celebrate the King’s coronation, we’re doing our bit in helping operators do what they do best with some coronation inspiration!

Our award-winning chips, The Dukes of Chippingdom, can play a right royal role in a range of commemorative recipes, such as our individual Dukes British Bites for snacking, Dukes Royal Brunch for something more substantial, and even Dukes Dessert to end with something sweet.  All of which come together for King and country!

The Dukes of Chippingdom are THE proper chip.  Super tasty, irregularly thick cut to appear homemade, feathered golden edges, richly rewarding taste, beautifully crispy on the outside (even though they’re non-coated) and fluffy on the inside.  These golden beauties, used imaginatively, are richly rewarding and worth throwing a party for!

Peter Evans, Lamb Weston’s UK Marketing Manager, says: “The Dukes of Chippingdom chips are award-winning, Red Tractor-assured and 100% British so are a great fit for anyone wanting to put on a celebratory coronation menu.  We are proud to proclaim our chips are 100% British and revel in their noble character!”

The Dukes of Chippingdom ‘Royal Brunch’ (GF)

Shake up your coronation menu with this fun Dukes of Chippingdom recipe from Lamb Weston; a posh chippy twist on the classic Eggs Royale.  This recipe is really simple and allows flexibility to make it your own…  You’ll need: Dukes of Chippingdom Chips (skin-on or skin off), fresh duck egg, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce and micro herbs to garnish.  To serve, prepare and gently heat the hollandaise.  Poach duck egg.  Fry or oven bake the Dukes of Chippingdom chips, then season and stack on a plate.  Place smoked salmon on top, add the duck egg, serve with a dollop of warm hollandaise and garnish with micro herbs and serve.

Charlie’s Churros (GF & V)

Looking for a memorable sweet bite to serve during the coronation period?

Try this quirky British take on a churro, featuring Lamb Weston’s Dukes of Chippingdom chips!  To prepare you’ll need Dukes of Chippingdom Proper British Chips (Skin-on or Skin-off), lemon curd (bought or home-made), freeze dried raspberries, caster sugar, fresh raspberries and edible flowers to garnish.

To serve, blend freeze-dried raspberries to a powder and combine with caster sugar.  Fry off the Dukes of Chippingdom chips in fresh oil, then coat in the raspberry sugar mix.  Add three blobs of lemon curd to your coated fingers, and place a fresh raspberry atop each one.  Finally, garnish with edible flowers & serve.

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