Aug 7th, 2014
5 mins

Classic Burgers Say Cheese!

Plusfood Fribo Cheese-In BurgerThe popularity of the gourmet burger trend continues, as caterers adapt burger menus to reflect tastes and culinary styles of the moment. Look to enhance your burger offering with these new Fribo brand ‘Cheese-In Burgers’ from Plusfood UK. Made from prime cuts of UK-sourced beef, these unique burgers have been stuffed with a layer of cheese to give customers a classic cheeseburger experience with a twist.

Unlike traditional cheeseburgers, which feature a slice of cheese between the burger and the bun, these new Cheese-In Burgers contain a delicious layer of cheese hidden within the meat itself – so customers get a tasty surprise when they bite into what appears to be a plain burger.

Using minced beef which has been mixed with onions and spices for added flavour, the seasoned mince is then shaped into individual burgers which are then used to ‘sandwich’ a deliciously creamy slice of cheese. During cooking, this layer of cheese melts, oozing into the burger to tenderise the meat and create a juicy taste sensation with every mouthful.

Each Cheese-In Burger weighs a mighty 113g (4oz). Serve in a brioche bun with fresh salad leaves, ripened tomato slices and creamy mayonnaise. Add burger relish, pieces of gherkin, crispy onion rings or rashers of bacon, and serve with a side-order of fries to create a truly premium burger experience. Or, serve simply with lettuce and offer a choice of condiments for customers who want a takeaway burger they can enjoy on-the-go!

New Cheese-In Burgers are individually quick-frozen (IQF) for improved convenience, ensuring excellent quality and consistency time-after-time. What is more, being frozen, Cheese-In Burgers can be cooked fresh to order as and when required – great for busy caterers, as well as for outlets with varying footfall. Cooking the Cheese-In Burgers when needed also helps eliminate food waste, as only the right about of servings are catered for at any one time.

New Cheese-In Burgers can be cooked from frozen in a variety of ways. Either shallow fry for 10-15 minutes, turning frequently; oven bake at 220°C for around 20 minutes; or grill for approximately 20 minutes, turning regularly.

The new Cheese-In Burgers are available in a case size of 24 burgers, and are made under the Fribo brand using only the best beef.

These mouth-wateringly delicious Cheese-In Burgers will give customers the ultimate cheeseburger experience, which is sure to be the best they have ever tasted! For further information, please call Plusfood on 01908 685000 or visit!


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