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Mar 12th, 2018
5 mins

CoolKit introduces Melform to the UK & Ireland

CoolKit has secured sole rights to distribute the range of insulated and temperature controlled containers produced by the Italian manufacturer Melform in the UK and Ireland.

Melform is a leader in the field of temperature controlled transport systems with solutions for a range of sectors including pharmaceutical and food logistics. It is a subsidiary of Bonetto Group, established in 1929, and based near Turin.

Melform produces a wide range of insulated containers ranging in size from 20 litres to 1,350 litres capacity. Comprising a heavy-duty polyethylene shell in conjunction with polyurethane insulation, the containers are manufactured using a rotational moulding process which results in strong, light construction without corners, joints and welds, and they are fully recyclable at the end of their operational life.

Temperature control is available either by electrically powered refrigeration, or rechargeable batteries, or rechargeable eutectic plates. The wide product range features many options which include front and top loading formats, variants with or without air recirculation, as well as optional control by Bluetooth and App. Many of the products have been ATP Certified to prove their suitability for European cross-border transport of perishable loads.

Melform’s extensive product range includes:

  • Biomed – suitable for the transport and storage of pharmaceutical products and laboratory samples, this range features electrically powered cooling and heating with a temperature range between -30°C and heat up to +40°C. Powered by either 12V or 24V DC, there is also a 240V AC connection fitted as standard, for static use.
  • Koala – suitable for the storage of chilled and frozen loads for the foodservice and catering industries, this range features electrically powered cooling to -30°C.
  • Cargo – a range of larger insulated containers of up to 1,350 litres capacity suitable for multi-temperature transport, or refrigerated transport aboard ambient vehicles.
  • Thermax – for industrial catering applications, a range of insulated containers for transporting meals and drinks whilst maintaining hot or cold temperatures.

Rupert Gatty, Managing Director of CoolKit, said: “We are delighted to have secured the sole distribution rights for Melform products in the UK and Ireland. Melform has a fantastic reputation and already features prominently around numerous major fleet operators. Globally. Their products perfectly complement the range of temperature controlled vehicle conversions we manufacture ourselves, meaning we now offer an unrivalled range of solutions for companies transporting temperature controlled loads.”

Claudio Sola, Director of Bonetto Group, is very excited about this agreement with CoolKit, adding “I wish my best to everyone as I know that CoolKit and Melform staff played no small role in making this deal possible and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our two businesses.”

CoolKit will be exhibiting Melform products at the CV Show in the Cool Zone on stand number 3E115 between 24 – 26th April 2018.


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